Catalogue "Pylons & Accessories"

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Delivery Programme Pylons and Accessories 

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For many years, we have worked in the field of electrical supply technology. Our specialities are traditional application areas in electrical power supply, power switching stations in low and high-voltage technology, transformation stations, transfer stations, cable and overhead lines, local grid, lightning protection, as well as exterior lighting installations (street lighting), stadium lighting, flood lighting). We offer these services to public administrations and grid operators, as well as trade and industry.


In addition, we are experienced in installations at German airports and have been for many years continuously present at Frankfurt Airport and Frankfurt Hahn Airport. At these airports we deliver and install the above-mentioned systems.

Moreover, our service portfolio also contains special constructions, such as Docking scissors and cable inlets for 400 Hz, custom pylons and facade constructions for the intake of docking guidance systems, as well as pylons for airfield lighting, fencing installations and driveways


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