Catalogue "Pylons & Accessories"

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Delivery Programme Pylons and Accessories 

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A SEB pylon has probably already enlightened you. From Lake Constance to Flensburg, from Aachen to Görlitz, there is hardly a region in which SEB pylons are not in use. Furthermore, we have enjoyed for many years the trust of numerous clients in neighbouring foreign reaches.

We produce steel pylons for various application fields: 

  •  Post-top pylon
  •  Cantilever pylons
  •  Floodlight pylons
  •  Span-/ conductor rail pylons
  •  High column pylons
  •  Aerial-/ siren pylons 
  •  Advertising pylons
  •  Camera pylons 
  •  Tiltable pylons
  •  special pylons / custom solutions 
  •  Pylon accessories  

Our lighting pylons are manufactured according to the European norm DIN EN 40 have are CE-certified. Fire galvanising of masts is done according to the requirements of DIN EN ISO 1461. In order to always guarantee excellent quality, we hold the manufacturer qualification calls E according to DIN 1880. We are DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 certified.